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------National Helpline------ 800-662-4357 (help)

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services 

Suboxone™ helpline 877- 782-6966 (877 Suboxone)

Opioid overdose signs

Call 911

Falling asleep or loss of consciousness, limp body

Unusual snoring

Slow, shallow breathing

Choking or gurgling sounds

Small,constricted pupils

Pale, blue, or cold skin

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Early Intervention Prevention

Addiction IQ / Actions taken


Proactive Groups

Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP)
Andrew Kolodny, MD

Executive Director


Advocates for Opioid Recovery

Evidence-based interventions and medication-assisted treatment. Excellent summary and advocacy. Founders: Patrick Kennedy,
Newt Gingrich,
and Van Jones

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----->Video Library of PFOFC 10 Steps to immediately take.

The  purpose of this website is to quickly educate and empower parents, friends, and  family members of an opioid-addicted loved one. Most people are unaware of the multitude of resources and  options available for treating opioid addiction. I hope to offer some valuable  tips and insights that I acquired during my son's six-year battle with opioid  addiction. Along with telling my son's story, I discuss important options, resources, use of evidence-based treatments, detox, rehab facilities, and lessons learned. Sadly 90% of the time, a person with opioid substance-use disorder does not receive any timely help. By reviewing the information in this site, your adult child will likely be one of the 10%, thereby improving their chance for a sober life. A good place to begin exploring this website is at the Learning Center.

Overview and Mission

This is not an authoritative “how to get off drugs” website written by a professional in the field. Instead, it contains insights gained from my role as a parent during my son’s battle with opioid addiction. I wish someone had educated me early on by sharing these and other essential subjects that I had to learn by trial and error as I was trying to help save my son. In the Learning Center section of this website, I provide ten important actions to consider when making decisions about addiction treatment. In the Resources section, I list some websites and phone numbers that can be helpful and further understanding of opioid addiction. Most importantly, I tell my son Robby’s story. In my upcoming book, I go into far greater detail than this site will allow. The book identifies additional options to consider, evidence-based treatments, cautionary warnings, and reflections on my son’s addiction journey. I have included some excerpts from the book in the Learning Center because I know that those who are trying to help addicted loved ones are desperate for immediate insight and knowledge. I have provided my email address and welcome comments regarding what information has been useful as well as what could be added to improve this website. My hope is that those who use the information, hyperlinks, videos and learn from my son's story, will have loved ones whose ultimate outcome is a drug-free life.


                                                                                           Legal Release of Liability Stuff
This is a layman’s website; it does not give professional or medical advice. The content of this website is my account of what I learned and experienced as a parent of an opioid-addicted child.  This experience formed my opinion and should be viewed as such. Users of this site should consult a variety of competent professionals specializing in addiction before taking any specific actions or utilizing any content contained in this website. Every situation is unique and results can be unpredictable. Individual results cannot be guaranteed and can vary widely: sobriety, partial sobriety with lifelong relapses, prison, or even an overdose death. Users of this website release the author, webmaster, and his affiliates of full, unconditional liability expressed or relied upon: direct, indirect, or implied. This includes any misstatements of fact, comments, possible conclusions, strategies discussed, or recommendations made. No part of this website may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. The questionnaires may be downloaded for personal use. I welcome hyperlinks to this site.